A Little About Me

“I have a strong need to know how it works, and as such I must take it apart to find out!”

For nearly two decades, low-voltage has been my domain. I got my start in the audio-visual (A/V) industry as a tech enthusiast, installing commercial sound and video systems in 2004. I was mainly involved with large auditorium setups, but as technology advanced and moved from analog to digital, I became fascinated with network-controlled and integrated systems, leading me to delve into the open-source world.


Building a better future through open source software development: web, controls, cryptography.

Project Manager

Managing large construction projects with a focus on tech, integration, and practical solutions for progress.

Privacy Advocate

Advocating for better data privacy, changing perspectives, and shining a light on the digital world.

This journey eventually led me to cryptography and the concept of decentralized finance through cryptocurrency. My skills in Linux have grown, and I have a deep understanding of both its strengths and limitations.

Opportunities often arise when we least expect them, and by staying attuned to our surroundings and approaching life with a positive mindset, the world can open up a wealth of possibilities. With this approach, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some truly world-changing projects.

As I look forward, I’m excited to see what new opportunities and challenges the future holds. I’m confident that my expertise in low-voltage systems, cryptography, and open-source technologies will continue to serve me well and enable me to make a meaningful impact.

Whether it’s exploring the next big thing in decentralized finance or discovering new ways to secure communications, I know that the possibilities are endless. I’m eager to see where my passions and interests will take me next and am always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities as they arise.